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Independent Creator | Brand Strategist | Author | Trainer

About Me

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Hi, my name is Kelly Fallucca, my friends call me “K.” CEO of Sugar Please Productions, LLC.

​Clients have described me as a gregarious recovering perfectionist. In retrospect, I don’t think they are too far off.

​Since 2007, I have been working on-site, or in a freelance capacity, working on diverse projects across various industries under my personal brand, Kelly A. Fallucca Consulting. Projects consisted of traditional marketing, communications, brand strategy, business development, and event production.

In 2022, I started a new company, Sugar Please Productions, LLC. Covid taught me "it is now or never." Not only do I produce projects for clients, but I am also producing my passion projects.

This new company focuses on the same disciplines with a new spin. The focus is content creation, brand development through storytelling, and producing passion projects.

​You are in the right place if you are an entrepreneur, author, influencer, artist, or a business owner. If you need a brand story developed or have a passion project, you have not brought into the world yet...I can help.

I would love to hear more about your project.

Passion Projects

Coming Soon



One of the most important things we can do as part of the human race is to learn how to give unconditionally. Contributing to something larger than myself has taught me immeasurable lessons in tolerance, forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion.

Over the years it has been my honor to serve organizations with compelling causes that provide necessary services and support to our communities. 
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