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Are you seeking to enhance your communication, confidence, or storytelling skills to become a more charismatic and confident leader or speaker?

Do you want to create compelling content, presentations, and videos in a fun and easy way but feel anxious or you do not know where to start?

I can help.

I offer custom one-on-one sessions or group workshops. Online and in person.

Click below to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call. Pricing depends on the number of training modules.

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One-One Training Modules

  • Camera and Stage Presence. Improve your camera presence, confidence, and charisma to be engaging and natural in front of the camera or on stage.

  • Video Coaching. One-on-one training to produce DIY videos for your business or passion project.

  • Storytelling. Craft compelling scripts that are engaging and well-structured for video content or presentations.

  • Video Equipment and Technology. Learn the basics of video equipment, lighting, and audio recording tools to create high-quality videos.

  • Editing Techniques. Learn when to edit your videos yourself and when to hire a professional.

  • Content Strategy. Making great videos is not enough. Create a strategy for topics, frequency, and distribution channels.

  • Audience Engagement. Strategies for engaging and retaining viewers' attention, including the use of visuals, graphics, and interactive elements.

  • Brand Building. Create a dynamic online presence.

  • Feedback and Improvement. A performance review of your first video will be provided including product recommendations and follow-up.

  • Accountability and Motivation. If procrastination hinders you we will set an accountability schedule to keep you on track.


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Group Workshops

Click below to download my speaker sheet with workshop titles. Custom workshops based on your unique needs are also available.

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